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Keep it in “tip-top” Shape!

June 3, 2011

When ever a client buys jewellery from The Colour Couture, I often give them tips on how to store their jewellery. It’s no good  spending  money on your jewellery only to leave them all tangled up on the dressing table.  Hard gemstones and metals can easily scratch on softer stones such as pearls.  Not only is it very frustrating trying to untangle piles of jewellery, you also run the risk of  breaking  and damaging them.Dust and moisture will damage many semi-precious and precious gemstones. Also, sterling silver will tarnish if left exposed to the air.

If your jewellery box looks like this……..


….then here are a few suggestions on how to store your jewellery and keep them in tip top shape.


Hand Painted Earrings Holder On a Stand - Its All In The Frame ( from tammnoony's etsy store)


Build your jewellery box using Stackers jewellery trays


Stackers jewellery box

Earring jewellery box. You could keep studs earrings as well as chandelier type earrings


Cleverest Jewellery Box: Quite an interesting concept: You buy the jewellery box with comes with different types of inserts that fit into the box.



You pick the inserts you want, and they fit nicely in the box


Printers Drawer Jewelry Display: I love the elegance of this storage system. Shame it wound fit in my tiny bedroom (from bluebirdheaven's etsy shop)

There are many other ways to keep your jewellery tidy. How do you keep your tidy?  Are your more of a jewellery box person? Have you found a unique way of storing your jewellery? Do share with us we’d love to know. Here’s to a tidy dressing table and goodbye to tangled jewellery!

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