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Small things count

June 10, 2011

“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well- Jim Rohn”

I made my first piece of jewellery about 6 years ago. I remember it quite clearly. I was a necklace made of red coral coloured seed beads. It was a two strand necklace strung on ordinary sewing thread. I didn’t know where to get a clasp for so i used the clasp of an old broken necklace. I was so proud of my necklace when I finished it. I wore it to university the very next day. Unfortunately my necklace lasted only two days. I was in the bus and I I remember trying to take off scarf i had round my neck. All of a sudden there was a shower of beads all over the floor of the bus. Thank fully I was getting off at the last stop so i was saved from the embarrassing stares of my fellow passengers!

I’ve come a long way from my early beginnings but the lesson i learnt is one of the fundamental principles of  The Colour Couture: Quality. Everytime I’ve tried to cut corners, its had come back to bite me in the behind. When applying finishing touches to my creations, i always check to ensure things are finished properly: knots secured, wire end tucked in so it doesn’t snag on clothing, loops closed well e.t.c.    What ever it worth doing is worth doing well!!

I unearthed some pictures of  a collection i created in the early days of The Colour Couture. It’s given me great ideas for my autumn collection. Enjoy and Have a great weekend.

                               The Colour Couture Venice Collection, Spring/Summer 2008

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