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Unconventional materials

August 10, 2011

What do the following pieces have in common?

Did you figure it out?????

Yes, these jewellery are all made of paper!!!  If you look hard enough you’ll see it! Who would have thought paper would look so good.  I love it when artist use unconventional  material to create wearable jewellery.  Again these designers have “pushed the boat further” and created wonderful  wearable pieces.  Here’s more information about these pieces and the fabulous designers behind them.

Picture 1: The website is not written in english so I haven’t got a description  to go with this piece. But I’m sure you’ll agree  this is a fabulous piece of wearable art. Check out the designers website for more fabulous creations:

Picture 2: PINK CURVA by Frucci Design-paper jewelry by francesca Vitali. The pendant was created from “Recycled magazine pages,sterling silver, steel cable coated with nylon and magnet.” I really love this necklace. Firstly its a lovely shade of purple and the geometric effect makes it look very edgy.

Picture 3: This piece is created by a  designer who uses various media including paper to  create her fabulous jewellery. I stumbled across her Facebook page and I was amazed. I’ve seen jewellery made of paper before but her work is one of the best I’ve come across so far. Check out her page for more!

So remember to keep pushing the boat and strive to be different! Have a great week

Disclaimer: I’ve  linked the pictures to the creators pages and I take absolutely no credit for them; all the hard work is down to the designers. I share them so you all can enjoy them!

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