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Pushing the boat

August 6, 2011

I recently went to Canada to visit a friend of mine. I had such great fun. I was only there for 10 days but we managed to visit thee cities(Montreal,Ottawa and Toronto). In Toronto we went to the Bata Shoe museum;it contained a wide array of shoes from all over the ages.  There shoes in the front window that caught my eye. I’m not sure if these shoes can actually be worn but what I liked was the concept behind the design. The artists set out to create something avant grande and different and they have achieved their goal

They decided not to go with the status quo, but they have pushed the concept of what a shoe is to a different level.

My watch word for the  2nd half of 2011 is “Push the boat a bit further”. Rather than settle for the ordinary, I will look for ways to go that extra mile,  aim a little higher, do a bit more…. what ever it takes to make me better in what Ido.

Here’s to a wonderful second half of 2011! Make the most of it friends, time sure does fly before you know it we’ll all be saying Merry Christmas!

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