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Keeping up with Summer trends

April 13, 2011

The last few days has been glorious; Lovely weather, plenty of sunshine. Everyone around me seems to be in a good mood. I think the sunshine is definitely helping people’s health. Today at work was unusually quite. I think I’m at the point where I can safely send my winter jacket to the dry cleaners to be cleaned before hiding it at the back of the my closet.

For me summer is the time to dress up, take long walks, go to the cinema….. do fun things. I think I tend to dress up a bit more during the summer.  I’ve got a lot of things on my plate at the moment so I have to be careful with money and can splurge like I used to. But on reflection, I realise I don’t really have to spend a lot of money to look trendy. Here are a few tips on how to spicy up your summer look without breaking the bank!


Indulge in Colour: 2011 is the summer of Colour. This is the perfect time to stock up on your favourite colour. Spend more money buying clothes in colours that you like. Red is my favourite colour and as far as I’m concerned it will always be in vogue.  My favourite red shoes  and handbag are begging for retirement, they’ve served me for over two yeas!  so if you’ve ever wanted purple or pink or lime green shoes, now is the time.


There's plenty to choose from



You don’t have the  buy a whole new wardrobe, you can spice things up with the right accessories.


Glam up your look with hair accessories, these won't break the bank!

A good handbag is key to completing your look. I saw this on another blog ( and feel in love with them!


Cocktail rings are a sure way to get noticed

Colour Couture designed Swarovski Earrings. (Available in various colours: email to place your order)


Swarovski crystals are a sure way to add sparkle to your look. These sterling silver and swarovski crystals sets are part of "The iridescence Collection" (Available at


Vamp up your make-up bag

This is another way to brighten up your look without spending  a lot. Try some new eye shadow or  a different lip colour. Be bold and adventurous!


Lipstick is a cost-effective way to achieving a new look


Well manicured and polished toenails are a must for showing off your feet in gorgeous sandals

See you can enjoy the summer trends and still staying within  your budget. What’s your fashion tip to stay trending for less?

Big thank you to all our readers!!!! We’ve had record number of visits this last few weeks. Thank you to all our customers who’ve placed orders through our blog, we appreciate your customs

Till next time Enjoy the sunshine!!!


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  1. April 14, 2011 12:57 am

    I love this color splash, which is surprising cause i’m usually so into black. How’ve you been Hun?

  2. April 15, 2011 8:17 pm

    Glad you like it! I’ve been well. Thanks for always dropping by

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