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Full Steam Ahead

March 1, 2011
Steampunk  culture is based in a fantasy and fictional a world where steam power is the driving energy source. It takes much of its inspiration from the Victorian era and the early 19th century.
Think of old steam engines,  antique items like telescopes, weird and wonderful scientific equipments and you are on the right tract.
Steampunk jewellery channels the spirit of the culture.  It reflects a certain strength whilst still having a delicate look and feel.  Steam punk jewellery is usually hand-made using old parts such as watch dials, gears and wheels. It has gorgeous antique feel which further enhances its beauty.   Steampunk jewellery eclectic, unique and made to stand out. I love it!



Recently I stumbled across some awesome example  steampunk sculptures that absolutely blew my mind. I would love to own one of his creations.  This is definitely high up on my every growing fantasy list of thing i want. You’ll have to check out the site to see these beautiful creatures in full size, these small pictures don’t do them justice. Check out
ARHROBOTS for more pictures.
If you find some steampunk jewellery you like, grab it quick, its something you’ll treasure for a lifetime! Who knows it might be worth lots of money in the feature. Join us  on thursday  to celebrate a new month and showcase another gemstone in our gemstone of the week series.
Happy new month to all our readers! Heres to a lovely fulfilling month filled with joy, happiness and laughter
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  1. March 4, 2011 12:10 pm

    Oooh! I want that broach!

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