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Why buy handmade?

August 30, 2010

There is always a reason not to do something, but ignorance shouldn’t be one of them. The concept of hand-made items is not  new.  In the past, only the rich and wealthy could afford to buy hand-made items.  But that’s in the past, now, there is a new era of affordable hand-made items. All around the world  aspiring artists are spring up, the range of handmade items available is just mind-boggling!

Here are ten top reasons why you should consider buying hand-made:

1) You are buying a unique item that has been painstakingly created by the artist.  Quite often you are buying a one-of a kind item

2)   Hand-made items are made with quality materials and excellent craftmanship.  For example when you buy a hand-made dress, you are not just buying the dress you are buying the time, effort and skill of the designer

3)  It adds a personal touch. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the hand-made necklace you bought was made with love, care and attention. Often time the attention to detail is self-evident

4) It is affordable. Many times people comment that my jewellery collection is pricey but that is because it is being compared to cheaper, low quality, mass-produced items  found in the stores.  When you compare hand-made items with other designer, high-end items of similar quality, you realise that hand-made items are very affordable.

5) You are paying the artist a compliment. By buying hand-made you are encouraging some-one, inspiring them to continue  creating beautiful items

6)  You are encouraging entrepreneurial spirit .

7) You are boosting creativity. You inspire the next generation of aspiring craftsmen/women who see the success of other artist and realise that they can also be successful.

8)  You are making a statement by saying no to mass-produced low quality goods. You are standing out of the crowd, daring to be different.

9) Its a more personal shopping experience.  You are buying directly from the maker not some surly sales-assistant at a large department store!

10) You are investing in the life of the artist. You are given them an opportunity to doing what they love.

So maybe you are giving a thought to hand-made items but haven’t got a clue where to look? These websites are a good starting point (i will not be held responsible for all the time you’ll spend admiring all the gorgeous stuff you will find here!)

1) Etsy

2) Misi

3) Ruby lane

4) Folksy

5) Makers online

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