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Bouquet of flowers

September 5, 2011

My mate’s wedding went well!! The weather was lovely, the bride looked stunning and the groom couldn’t stop smiling. The food was great and the guest had fun. All in all it was a brilliant wedding.There is something about getting married that makes a girl look absolutely stunning. I’m yet to see a bride that didn’t look stunning on her big day. My friend looked so beautiful in her gown. I wish I could put up pictures but I haven’t managed to get her permission so I won’t.

Rather than the traditional white or cream shoes, she wore blue shoes!!!! I was so excited when she pulled up her dress to show me. I’ve always said I won’t be wearing white shoes on my big day. I’m gonna wear some bright coloured shoes!

I stumbled on some pictures of beaded bridal bouquet. They looked stunning. Not only could it be used on the wedding day, it would also make a beautiful decoration. I think these bouquets are too lovely to toss though. If i had one of these beauties I don’t think I’d be tossing them to the girls!!! I’d keep them all to myself.

Love the blue and silver combo

These hand-crafted beauties are from BeadFloraJewels etsy store.

French Beaded Pink wedding bouquet and Groom Buttonhole from "SvetS etsy shop""

While on the subject of wedding bouquets, check out these stunners made entirely from paper.   I stumbled (literally via stumble upon!) these on the internet…. I love the concept.

Paper Flowers from New, Recycled, Handmade and Vintage Paper; created by Wire&paper (click on the picture to go to their Facebook page)

Paper Flowers from New, Recycled, Handmade and Vintage Paper; created by Wire&paper (click on the picture to go to their Facebook page)

What do you think about these?  Is it something you might go for on your big day or would you rather stick to more traditional bouquet?

It’s a brand new month (yay!). Hope this month is a good one for you. You hold the key to your destiny so make things happen this month! Have a brilliant week ahead

Wedding bells are ringing

August 12, 2011

Summer would just not be complete without a wedding! A very good friend is getting married in a few days and I’m so excited. I love weddings, they are so much fun. I’m really looking forward to this wedding  because I’ve known the bride and groom for several years and I will get to see old friends I haven’t seen in several years.

I’ve got  a new black and beige dress I bought last month especially for the big day. I was going to wear my pearl set with it but I think I might treat myself and make myself some new jewellery. Its being a while since I made myself something.

I’ve just got myself a custom order for a client! She has asked me to create jewellery sets to give to her co-workers for christmas presents. She is so well organised!! Remind me of a post i read over at Zuri Perle’s blog: “I want it now”. In the past I’ve turned down a few clients because they just could not give me enough time to create their jewellery.  If you are thinking of getting custom-made jewellery(which by the way is an excellent idea, be sure to give enough time and plan ahead.

The new logo is finally finished and I’m loving it.  Have a look at our twitter page for a sneak peek (and be sure to follow us as well!) Have a great weekend!

Unconventional materials

August 10, 2011

What do the following pieces have in common?

Did you figure it out?????

Yes, these jewellery are all made of paper!!!  If you look hard enough you’ll see it! Who would have thought paper would look so good.  I love it when artist use unconventional  material to create wearable jewellery.  Again these designers have “pushed the boat further” and created wonderful  wearable pieces.  Here’s more information about these pieces and the fabulous designers behind them.

Picture 1: The website is not written in english so I haven’t got a description  to go with this piece. But I’m sure you’ll agree  this is a fabulous piece of wearable art. Check out the designers website for more fabulous creations:

Picture 2: PINK CURVA by Frucci Design-paper jewelry by francesca Vitali. The pendant was created from “Recycled magazine pages,sterling silver, steel cable coated with nylon and magnet.” I really love this necklace. Firstly its a lovely shade of purple and the geometric effect makes it look very edgy.

Picture 3: This piece is created by a  designer who uses various media including paper to  create her fabulous jewellery. I stumbled across her Facebook page and I was amazed. I’ve seen jewellery made of paper before but her work is one of the best I’ve come across so far. Check out her page for more!

So remember to keep pushing the boat and strive to be different! Have a great week

Disclaimer: I’ve  linked the pictures to the creators pages and I take absolutely no credit for them; all the hard work is down to the designers. I share them so you all can enjoy them!

Pushing the boat

August 6, 2011

I recently went to Canada to visit a friend of mine. I had such great fun. I was only there for 10 days but we managed to visit thee cities(Montreal,Ottawa and Toronto). In Toronto we went to the Bata Shoe museum;it contained a wide array of shoes from all over the ages.  There shoes in the front window that caught my eye. I’m not sure if these shoes can actually be worn but what I liked was the concept behind the design. The artists set out to create something avant grande and different and they have achieved their goal

They decided not to go with the status quo, but they have pushed the concept of what a shoe is to a different level.

My watch word for the  2nd half of 2011 is “Push the boat a bit further”. Rather than settle for the ordinary, I will look for ways to go that extra mile,  aim a little higher, do a bit more…. what ever it takes to make me better in what Ido.

Here’s to a wonderful second half of 2011! Make the most of it friends, time sure does fly before you know it we’ll all be saying Merry Christmas!

Crystal distractions.

July 26, 2011

July has always been a month of transition for the last 8 or so year. When i was at University, it signalled the end of the academic year and the start of the Holiday. Even know in my professional life, July also signals the end of the “medical” year. Come August,doctors all over the U.K change jobs and move one step further in their training.

This July I’ve been working on new ideas and innovation for The Colour Couture brand. I’ve started working on my  Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  Yes you read right; the spring/summer 2012 collection! I initially  started working on the Autumn/Winter collection but i kept getting distracted by   pack of multi-coloured Swarovski crystals  sitting on my workshop desk.   They were just so sparkly and gorgeous i had to tip them out of the bag into my beading board.I was inspired by the book  I’m studying. It’s  all about use of colour in jewellery design. I think what I’ve learnt so far really helped in arranging the colour sequence.

Using a bead board makes things so much easier. I pick the coloured crystals from the central hole with my tweezers and arrange them on the bead board with in the order i want.

After stringing the crystals on a piece of beading thread, i attached the two stands to a silver ring. I finish the necklace with black satin ribbon. If you look at the bead boar you'll se I've already started on the second piece!

Sneak preview of the finished necklace.

I’m quite pleased with the results. I hope I get more flashed of inspiration when I’m designing the winter collections. Enjoy the rest of your week, see you soon x